Ultimate Lululemon Favorties




FAST & FREE- I began wearing the Fast & Free pant when I was heavily cycling. These pants are breathable, light weight (think of naked feeling, barely there) and sweat-wicking. The Fast & Free pants are definitely the ultimate pant for high intensity training. If you are a HIIT, cycling, running, type of person then these are 100% for you! The plus side of these pants are the cute reflection design at the bottom. I personally love the look, but it comes in handy when working out in the dark as well.

Align- Oh the Align, how I love you. The Align is the number 1 legging I recommend to beginners of lululemon. They seriously feel like butter on your skin. I use this pant for yoga, Pilates, and as my every day legging. The design is for low impact only. Do not use these for high intensity, not even lifting. The stitching will not hold up with high intensity workouts. However, the Align is my favorite pair of pant that Lululemon carries!

Wunder Under- I just recently started wearing the Wunder Under. I found these leggings to be the perfect pair for lifting. They pass the squat test (not see-through when you squat)! They feel like a second skin, but hold everything in. They have a compression feel but comfortable. I love the Wunder Under because you can also use them for Yoga, Pilates, and Barre. They are extremely versatile, however I would not use these for High Intensity workouts.

Ready To Rulu Joggers- If you want a mix of comfort and style for an every day look. These are for you!! I have never felt a more comfortable, perfect pair of joggers ever. They have an amazing feel to them. Warm inside but not enough to make you sweat. They are moveable, breathable, and so so comfortable. I seriously have 3 pairs of these. If I could have every color I would! I do not work out in these but you definitely can!

Rain Haven Insulated- This is perfect for the rain. The rain literally just rolls off of this jacket. I wore this in the poring rain, with no umbrella, to take my little one trick or treating. The best part, I didn’t have a single wet spot underneath this coat when I took it off. The hood is extra long on top allowing it to be used as like an umbrealla for your face. There are two versions of this jacket, an insulated and a non insulated. The insulated just has an extra puffy lining inside to keep you warmer.

Define Jacket- Shout out to my hubby for getting me this one!! I have fallen in love with this jacket. It’s the perfect light weight jacket to wear to and from workouts. I love how versatile this is. It can be styled for casual wear with jeans or a super cute athleisure look. I have received so many compliments on the black and white pattern, it is a very chic look.

On Repeat Jacket- This jacket/coat is the most comfortable and it goes with everything! Every year Lululemon creates a different version of this jacket. I have received so many compliments on this coat, it is so cute and chic! This is definitely my favorite Lululemon coat by far. The lightweight feel is perfect for chillier days. It’s heavy enough to stay warm but light enough to move freely for ultimate comfort. Not mention, this jacket goes with everything!

Energy Bra Long Line- The energy bra is the only bra I have ever bought at Lululemon. As soon as I tried this on I knew this was the one. If you have larger sized breasts this one is definitely for you. It keeps me feeling supportive while keeping all of it in. I use this for high intensity, low intensity, everything. By far my most comfortable, supportive sports bra I have ever had, to this day. I will never buy another type of sports bra other than the energy bra ever again!


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