Vacation Styles


Hi friends! Welcome back to Styled Me Chic, I’m so glad you are here! This week I was in Jamaica for a romantic, relaxing getaway with my hubby! Of course, I methodically planned out my outfits for the trip. With this being my first all-inclusive vacation, I found out some things I brought were super useful, on contrary others not so much. I’m here to share those with you!

First off, I realized that with how large the resort was and the amount of walking needed to get place to place, heels were not a thing. I ended up wearing my sandals the entire time! It was definitely comfort over anything. After relaxing all day, the last thing I wanted to do was be uncomfortable. With that being said, all of the outfits shown here are super comfortable for an all-inclusive vacation!

Another fashion tip when thinking about packing, I pretty much lived in my swimsuit all day other than for breakfast and dinner. For breakfast, anything other than shorts and a tank top was too hot! So go light on the casual wear, plus shorts and tanks don’t take up much space in your suitcase!

I hope you find that these tips can be useful for your trip as well! Happy shopping, friends! Xoxo

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