Healthy Lifestyle Routine

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping back by Styled Me Chic. I have had some requests on writing about how I keep my body in shape. So I thought I’d give you one great post covering it all!

So my fitness journey and routine has been all over the place. I have followed lifting plans, done fitness classes, joined small boutique gyms around town, you name it; I’ve probably done it. One thing that has stayed consist is my healthy eating. I follow the 80/20 rule and consistently track my food intake. 80% clean healthy foods with a 20% indulge in all the yummy goodness thats not necessarily great for you. One thing that will always be true is that if you are intaking more calories than you are putting out you’ll never lose weight. Find a macro calculator, plug in your stats and it’ll give you how many calories you should be eating for your weight loss goal. Many people are over eating and really have no clue they are. That’s why apps like MyFitnessPal can give you an idea on how much food you are truly consuming in a day. Have you ever heard the statement “Abs are made in the kitchen”, well thats 100% true. You can workout all the time but if you have a poor diet you’ll never reach your full potential.

As for staying active, now I just do what is going to make me happy that day and what my body needs. I still mix it up with cardio and weight lifting. I just listen to my body. If I feel like yoga one day, thats what I’ll do. If the next day I feel like lifting weights, I’ll find an instagram personal trainer and watch one of their sample workouts. If I feel like doing absolutely nothing, then I’ll go for a walk with my daughter or golf. Also!, There are plenty of tools out there to give you free workouts. Youtube has some great workouts. There are tons of body weight exercises on there if you don’t have access to the gym. For the first 6 months of my fitness journey, I used to watch Body Blender videos on youtube. The key is just staying active and switching it up! Another key is, you have to want to be active. You have to want to get in shape for yourself and no one else. Figure out what works for you to stay active and run with it! And remember, starting is the hardest part.

I hope this helps!! Stay happy & healthy, friends! Xoxo

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