Fancy Fun Pants


Hi everyone!! I’ve been so excited to share this outfit with you. I’m literally obsessed with these pants, they are so perfect. They have a very dressy look to them, but can also be dressed down to casual. You can wear them to work or a night out on the town! I personally would wear this outfit for a date night with the hubby, but it can work for so many different events. The material put these pants over the top for me. It’s a very silky but smooth material. I mean, the comfort level is through the roof.

I have paired my gorgeous pants with a lace bodysuit, the trendy lingerie style. And a sheer light-weight kimono. This is my night out on the town look for the pants. If you choose to wear them to work, go for a black tank top with a blazer. For a more casual look, I’d go with a black chunky oversized sweater (off the shoulder, my favorite look), with black boots. So cute!!! There are so many ways to style these pants. Can’t stop obsessing. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Happy shopping, friends! Xoxo

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