Shopping Online at Shein and Zaful



Have you ever come across a fashion boutique website that has super cute clothes for too-good-to-be-true prices, and thought to yourself, “I wonder if this site is legit?” I am here to tell you it’s legit! Now the quality of pieces on these sites can be hit or miss. The fit occasionally doesn’t quite resemble the picture as it does in person.  We’ve all ordered that top that came in the mail looking like it could fit a small child. Luckily, I have found a way to cutdown on wasting your money on those items that can be questionable.

The First Tip: READ THE REVIEWS. Only order pieces that have tons of reviews on them. Not only must it have a good amount of reviews, but the majority of those reviews being great. Read what other people have to say. Chances are if it doesn’t fit as the picture shows, someone has already bought the item and wrote a review on it.

The Second Tip: LOOK AT THE REVIEW PHOTOS. Most of these sites give rewards to people who upload a picture of themselves wearing the item. Good pieces have a good amount of review photos. Take the time to check out how the item looks on other people your size. Most reviewers have their sizes listed in the review. This is a great tool! If you’re anything like me and probably millions of other women, you love to try-on before you buy. This gives you the chance to basically try-on virtually before you buy! #winning

The specific dress I’m wearing in the photo unfortunately is no longer available, so I’ve given you some similar dresses that I love and would buy myself. I also picked dresses that give an example of my two tips. These all have plenty of reviews and photos! YAY!

So, I love JustFab. Leave me a comment or send me a message if you’d like me to do a post on the site JustFab! It’s amazing if you are a total shoe lover just like me! Last thing, these Kendra Scott earrings are on sale in so many different colors, go grab you a pair girl!

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